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Important Benefits To Know About Selling Scrap Cars To A Salvage Yard

When you own a car that is totaled or will not run, you may have no idea of what to do with it. You realize that you cannot leave it to rot in your driveway or yard. You also do not want to pay taxes or tags on a vehicle that is entirely useless to you.

Instead of keeping it, you can sell it to a business that will purchase it for scrap. You can decide if selling it to a salvage yard is the right choice for you by appreciating what benefits it can offer to car owners like you. 

Current Scrap Metal Pricing

Scrap metal continues to appreciate in value. When you sell your unwanted vehicle to a salvage yard, you can take advantage of those high prices and get a respectable amount of cash back for a car that serves no purpose to you.

The salvage yard will base how much to pay you on your vehicle's weight. It then will pay you the going rate for scrap metal by the ton. Depending on how much that your car weighs, you could walk away with several hundred dollars, if not more, in your pocket.

Tows Included

Some salvage yard businesses may even offer to come pick up your scrap car for you. If the car does not run and cannot be driven safely, it can be picked up and towed to the salvage yard. The salvage yard can then deduct the price of its towing from the scrap metal price that you get for your vehicle.

This service spares you from having to replace tires, put in new glass, or otherwise fix up your car to make it street safe to drive to the salvage yard. You can opt to have it towed and pay for the towing out of the cash that you get from its sale. 

No Need for Repairs

Finally, a salvage yard typically does not require you to make any modifications to your scrap vehicle. You can sell it as it is right now and still get money out of it. You may not even be required to empty fluids like the gasoline or engine oil from it.

A salvage yard offers numerous benefits to owners of scrap cars. It pays you cash for a car that is of no use to you. It may also offer tows and buys cars in any condition.