Learning about Towing Services

4 Reasons To Pull Over & Call For Roadside Assistance

When you are driving your car, it is important to know when you should pull over and call for assistance. There are some car issues where you really shouldn't keep driving and times when it is okay to continue driving.

Situation #1: Steam

If you are driving and notice steam coming up from your hood area, you should immediately find a safe place where you can pull over. If steam is coming from under your hood, your cooling system is overheating. If you continue to drive, you could cause permanent damage to your vehicle's engine. Allow your car to cool off before driving, or call a tow truck and get your vehicle taken to your local auto body shop so they can examine the cooling system.

Situation #2: Smoke

If you have smoke coming out of your engine, that means something is on fire. If something is on fire under your hood, you will want to get your vehicle towed. A fire could do extensive damage to your car, and you shouldn't start driving. This is when you should call a tow truck.

Ideally, you should have a fire extinguisher in your vehicle so you can put out the fire. If you don't have one, and your car continues to smoke, consider calling emergency services as well.

Situation #3: Strange Handling

When you drive your vehicle, you should be able to control the handling. If you notice that your car suddenly starts to wobble, feel loose, or like something is stuck, pull over. Get out and do a quick visual assessment of your vehicle. Is there something hanging onto your car that is impacting the handling? Do your tires look strange? Can you see something on the underside of your vehicle that shouldn't be there?

If a branch or something is stuck, see if you can remove it. If your tires look strange, or it seems like a component is hanging off your vehicle that shouldn't be, don't keep driving and put yourself at risk. Instead, get a tow to a local auto shop.

Situation #4: Loud Sound

If your vehicle suddenly starts to make a loud sound coming from your engine area, such as grinding or popping, don't keep driving. You could have a fan belt that is broken or another component that is seriously damaged. You can minimize damage to your vehicle by just pulling over and getting a tow to the auto shop.

If your vehicle is steaming, smoking, handling strange, or making unexplained noises, play it safe and call a tow truck. Don't drive your car when it is acting weird or behaving in a way that compromises your control of the vehicle. For more information about auto towing services, contact a local tow company.