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4 Steps To Take When Faced With A Roadside Emergency

If you find yourself facing a roadside emergency, be it a flat tire, an overheated engine, or a car that just will not run for whatever reason, there are steps you can take to deal with the roadside emergency you are currently facing. 

Step #1: Get Off the Road

When you feel your vehicle start to malfunction, do not continue driving on the road. You need to try to get off the road to somewhere safe as soon as you can. Start slowing down and look for a safe place to pull over. If there is any clearance on the side of the road, pull off as far as you can on the shoulder. If there is no clearance, see if there is a parking lot you can turn into or a side street you can safely pull off into.

Do not stop in the middle of the road; other vehicles will not be able to see you and respond properly. If possible, avoid pulling over on a blind corner or a hill as well.

When you pull over, make sure that your vehicle is facing in the proper way, so it is aligned with the flow of traffic instead of against it. This positioning will make it easier for others to see you.

Step #2: Make Your Vehicle Visible to Others

Second, you need to make your vehicle visible to others. That way, people will know to go around your vehicle or to drive slowly past your vehicle. One of the best ways to do this is by putting on your hazard lights. If your hazard lights are not working, turn on your driving lights or running lights.

If you have any flares or triangles, place them around your vehicle. You may also want to put up the hood of your vehicle. Having your hood up is a clear sign that something is wrong with your vehicle.

Step #3: Stay Next to Your Car

Don't start walking away from your car unless you need to for your safety. It is generally best to stay next to your car. That way, your roadside assistance program can find you. Also, someone is more likely to stop and help you when you are near your vehicle.

Step #4: Call Your Roadside Assistance Team

Finally, it is time to put the money you pay for roadside assistance into good use. You should have the phone number for your roadside assistance plan stored on your phone. Get out your phone and give them a call.

Let them know where you are located as accurately as you can and let them know what is happening with your vehicle. If your vehicle needs a tow, let them know how many people will need transportation as well.

When you face a roadside emergency, it is important to get your vehicle off the road, so you don't impede the flow of traffic or risk your vehicle getting hit by another moving vehicle. Make your vehicle as visible as possible, stay near your vehicle, and call for your roadside assistance team for help.

To learn more about roadside assistance, contact a towing service near you.