Learning about Towing Services

Staying Safe While Waiting For A Tow Truck

If your car or truck breaks down along the road, you may have to call a tow service and have them come and help you. The tow company may take some time to get to you if they are busy, so you must stay safe while you wait for the tow company to arrive. 

Stay With the Car

If you break down in bad weather, stay in your car. Especially in the cold, the vehicle can provide some shelter for you, and leaving it to try and walk to a town or business down the road could be dangerous.  Walking along a road that has a lot of traffic on it can also be dangerous. If the weather is bad as well, the combination of the two may make it hard for other drivers to see you walking along the road. 

Put Out Flares or Warning Triangles

It is essential to let other drivers know that your car is on the side of the road. If you have warning triangles or flares in the car, place one behind the car about one hundred feet back, then place another at about two hundred feet back. 

If you are on a corner, it is critical that drivers know the car is on the side of the road before they get to it, and the warning devices will help. Use caution when placing the flares or triangles, and once they are in place, return to the safety of the car until the tow company arrives. 

Open the Hood of Your Vehicle

Opening the hood of your car or truck lets drivers know that the car is broken down, and it allows the tow truck driver to find the car faster. The open hood is a universal sign of a breakdown, but keep in mind, it can attract people that want to help as well. 

Unless you know the person, it is often better to stay in the car and tell them you have a tow company on the way. While they may be a good person who genuinely wants to help, it is safer to not get out of the car on the side of the road with someone that you do not know. 

Safety First

If the car is smoking or smells hot and you are concerned that it will catch fire, you may be better off waiting for the tow company outside of the car, but stay close to it and monitor the situation. If the vehicle does catch fire, you may need to call emergency services and get some help to your location quickly.

For more tips, contact a towing service near you.