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What Are Your Options If You Lock Your Keys in the Car in a Rural Area?

Locking your keys in the car is never fun. At least if you do this in an urban area, you can typically walk to a locksmith shop and find someone to unlock the car for you — or find a hardware store and buy the tool to jimmy your car door open yourself. When you lock your keys in your car in a rural area, you don't have those luxuries. But here are a few ways you can find someone to help you.

Call the non-emergency police number.

Calling 911 because you locked your keys in the car is definitely not a good idea. But if you can manage to find the non-emergency number for the local police station, feel free to call it and explain your predicament. If it's a slow day, they might be able to send a police officer over to unlock your car for you. (Some carry unlocking kits in their squad cars.) At the very least, the police officer may be able to give you the number for a locksmith in a nearby town who may be willing to drive out to you and unlock your car.

Call your car insurance company.

If you can't find a non-emergency police number, call your car insurance company. Even if you do not have lockout coverage on your insurance, they may be able to call an unlocking service for you. Insurance companies have locksmiths they work with regularly and recommend, so you can rest assured that the person they call will be reputable. You will probably have to pay out-of-pocket for this service, but at least your car will be open!

Inquire at a local business.

If there is any business within walking distance of your car, walk over there. Even if it's just a restaurant, small shop, or gas station, it's worth a visit. Announce to the people inside that you've locked your keys in your car. There's a chance that someone inside the business happens to have unlocking tools in their vehicle. In rural areas where a lot of people maintain their own land and vehicles, you're more likely to find this than you might think.

If you lock your keys in the car in a rural area, do not panic. Either the police, your insurance company, or someone at a local business will have the tools or resources needed to open your car for you. Go to sites like https://www.bigdtowing.com/ for more information about car unlocking and other services.