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Giving The Gift Of A Car This Graduation Season? Pack The Trunk With These Essential Safety Items

If you have decided to give your son or daughter a new car for their graduation gift, then there are certain safety items that should be purchased before they drive their new vehicle for the first time. While none of these items are expensive to purchase, many people overlook them. At some point, all cars break down and their owners wish that they had been more prepared. To keep your son or daughter from suffering this fate, stock their new car's trunk with all of these essential items:

ER Flares and a Flashlight

All cars should be equipped with a few emergency flares to place on the roadway near an accident. Also, you should add a flashlight and fresh batteries to be able to direct traffic and see while working on the vehicle at night.

Jumper Cables

Not everyone carries jumper cables in their car like they did in the past. For this reason, it is vital to carry a pair in all of your cars. No one should have to call a tow service like Stuckman Salvage, Inc. just to jump their battery, but this happens a lot because no one can be found with this simple electrical device.

A Rain Poncho

Murphy's Law dictates that your son or daughter's new vehicle will need to have its flat tire repaired during the middle of a rainstorm rather than on a nice, clear day. For this reason, a cheap rain poncho can be a lifesaver for working on a car in bad weather.

Extra Oil, Antifreeze, and Transmission Fluid

Some of the most common failures in vehicles are caused by their fluids leaking out. By carrying oil, antifreeze, and extra transmission fluids, the driver of the car can often add a bottle of fluid and then make it to the nearest service station for additional help. If you don't carry any extra fluids, then you cannot make this simple repair.

A Roll of Paper Towels

A roll of paper towels can be used to check fluid levels, clean up spills, and even can be used as emergency toilet paper for longer breakdowns in rural areas. Since paper towels are stronger and don't shed as much lint as toilet paper, you should buy paper towels for carrying in the car's trunk.

A Basic Mechanical Instruction Book

Finally, since there may not always be cellphone service to look up directions for using each of these items, you should also include a basic book on car repair for your newly graduated son or daughter to refer to if necessary. Your local bookstore has many "basics" or "dummies" books that can easily be tossed into the trunk and brought out in the case of a breakdown.