Learning about Towing Services

Know Before You Tow: Tips To Prevent Damage Or Injury When Towing Your Car

Everyone needs a tow once in a while, but it is best to leave towing up to the professionals. Saving a few dollars by accepting an offer from family, friends, or other motorists could actually cost you more in the long run than roadside towing assistance. There are some things that drivers may not know that could cause property damage or injury, if you don't know what you are doing.

Before you decide to tow a vehicle, or if you need a tow, keep the following factors in mind:

The capacity

Exceeding the recommended weight capacity by towing a heavy car or truck can become a public safety issue. Heavy vehicles tend to sway, which could cause accidents in public roadways, endangering other motorists or pedestrians. Be sure the hitch being used is going to be able to withstand the weight and strain of the load during the tow, too.

The tires

The tires on the vehicle are important when it comes to safe towing practices. Having worn or tread-bare tires can create problems that may result in fender-benders, collisions, and body damage. Some kinds of automotive tires are not able to hold up to the added weight, which could mess up the balance and alignment of the vehicle.

The weight

Many consumers underestimate the weight of the vehicle that they are going to tow. When you are figuring out what a car weighs, be sure to consider any cargo on-board, and even the fluids in the towed vehicle, which can increase the overall weight significantly. Towing a heavy vehicle can mess up your auto transmission, brakes, and overall handling of your vehicle.

The equipment

It is not safe to tow or have your vehicle towed by vehicles without adequate lighting. Also, the sway caused by the weight of the vehicle could cause an accident. This is often a result of having the wrong-size tongue on your trailer hitch, and this could present a safety risk.

Don't risk damaging your property by allowing your car to be towed by someone other than a professional. Towing fees may be a fraction of the cost to repair your vehicle's tires, body, or motor when you allow someone to tow your car or when you assist others in need. Keep the name of a reliable towing company in your wallet and call them when a tow is needed; it is the safest and most sensible solution. For more information, contact a local towing company like Michael's Towing & Recovery Service