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Stay On The Road And Maximize Your Customer Service - Questions To Ask Your Food Truck Repair Shop

As more and more chefs explore alternatives to the traditional restaurant scene, food trucks have grown in popularity. Being able to go to where you have the highest concentration of customers can go a long way toward stabilizing your business and allowing you to make a name for yourself, but serving out of a truck also introduces a variety of maintenance tasks that you need to be prepared for.

Below, you'll find a guide to some questions that you should be sure to ask your repair shop when you bring your food truck in for maintenance. Having the answers to these questions will give you confidence in your repairs and help guarantee that you have the necessary information to return you to service as quickly as possible.

Ask About Electrical Systems

Perhaps the biggest hurdle to overcome when performing maintenance on a food truck is handling the stress placed on the electrical system. Not only does it have to handle all of the regular stress of an industrial truck, but it also needs to power a full compliment of cooking equipment and the requisite safety systems.

You should be sure to ask your repair service about their experience dealing with complicated electrical setups. If they suspect that a fault in that system is the root cause of your maintenance issues, then you should be prepared for a more involved and complicated repair.

Ask About Professional Certifications

Maintenance garages which employ people with years of experience can be very successful and valuable, but the intricacies involved in a food truck often require a great deal of specialized knowledge. Without a full, technical understanding of all of the various components of your truck, subtle mistakes could turn in to serious issues.

Most modern garages will openly display and advertise the certifications that their technicians have been awarded by manufacturers, professional organizations, and other groups. Asking about these certifications can make sure that the most talented people are repairing your truck and can go a long way toward building your confidence.

Ask About Sanitary Protections

Bringing your food truck in for a repair that forces you into a deep cleaning can be very stressful. Food trucks have to be kept up to the standards of the proper local oversight authorities, and if your truck is found to be out of compliance, you could be facing steep fines or even a forced shutdown. Understanding how your garage will act to protect the kitchen equipment during a food truck repair will allow you to anticipate the cleaning you'll have to do to get back in business.