Learning about Towing Services

Learn What Information A Towing Company Needs To Tow An Oversized Or Oddly Shaped Load

Having a large or bulky item towed can be a bit difficult. If you need to have something moved from one place to another, there are a few things that the towing company will need to know in order to ensure that they are able to do the job efficiently. Use the following guide to learn what information the towing company will need in order to move your bulky item properly.

The Size

Take measurements of the height, length, and width of the item. The towing company needs to know this information to ensure they bring the proper truck to handle the towing job. Some large items will need to be towed on a flatbed truck.

The Weight

Towing companies are required to stick to strict guidelines when it comes to the weight of the items that they are towing. This is to ensure that the driver is always able to maintain complete control of his truck during the tow. Overweight tows can cause the driver to lose control when traveling down large hills or mountains.

The Shape

The driver will need to secure the item to the truck and knowing the shape of the item will help the driver know what type of security measures to bring with him to the tow site. There are some items that will need netting over them to keep items from blowing away as they are towed.

The Condition

The towing company needs to know the condition of the item that you need them to tow before they come to tow it. If the item is delicate or slightly damaged, it may require a specific type of tow truck to tow it. The driver may ask you to take pictures of the damage that is done to the items and send them to him or her to ensure that they bring everything they need with them to do the tow safely.

The Time Frame

The towing company (such as Frank's Towing) will need to know if the tow is on any type of time restraint. If the tow needs to be completed within a certain period of time and the distance for the tow exceeds 100 miles, the towing company may charge you additional costs for the tow.

With this information, the towing company can assess if the tow is even feasible for them to do. There are some companies that are able to tow large or small items with ease, if you give them the proper information they need. Gathering the information will take a matter of minutes and make the entire process much easier.